Portrait shot of Max Kearney

Hey, I'm Max! I'm 20 and living/working in Melbourne. I love cats, outdoor activities and writing bios like dating profiles...?
I'm currently studying a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (Professional) at Swinburne University of Technology and working full time as a Software Development Intern.
I made this website to showcase and collate some of the work I'm doing. Please take a look around!
This year I'm aiming to complete a '12 Games in 12 Months' challenge, as a way to keep my skills diverse while I work full time in software.

What am I doing right now?
Sep 2019

Working on: Websites, for myself and a client. Personal video game composing.
Will work on next: Improving on my music integration tool for Unity that I made for a small concept game.
Listening to: VWETO II and Anna Painting
Playing: Dragon Quest 11 Demo, Tetris 99