2019 Personal Project

12 Games in 12 Months (2019)

While working full-time at OrderMate, I thought developing software could get a little dry. So to spice up my commute I decided to make a low-scope game each month. The aim was to work on my game-related programming/design while also working on my software programming at work, in an attempt to build both sides of my skillset and portfolio.

On top of making music, the games have turned out pretty cute so far. At the time of writing I have used the PICO-8 and Unity engines. I'm aiming to use at least three different frameworks/engines for the games, to diversify my practice. One of the goals is to practice generic games-programming, so not locking myself into one framework means I can learn the best parts of games programming, rather than just learning one engine.
The limitations PICO-8 provides are envigorating and have helped me develop a better understanding of low-level game coding. Unity has also been great for diving into building something with a deep graphics workflow, and I've learnt a tonne in this department.

I had to take a break from this project in June and July as I was releasing an EP and this took up way more time than I had anticipated. I expect to get 9-10 games out of the year. This is fine and will happen. I'm keen on writing a 'postmortem' of the challenge at the end of the year.

If you want to see my progress, check out the games page, or head over to my itch.io page.