An RPG developed by Magic Lamb
Jun 2020 - Sep 2021

MindQuest Logo

I worked with Magic Lamb in a team of 11 as a Game Programmer and Lead Developer, using C# and Unity to create MindQuest. The project is still in development.

My contributions included:

  • A robust save system
  • Movement and turn-based combat gameplay
  • Audio programming and interfacing with the Wwise API

Highlight Feature

The backend data process for MindQuest One of the features I'm most proud of is the database solution. With many items, enemies and locations the player could discover and catalogue, I was tasked with creating the system of storing and accessing this data.
The game designers were using Google Sheets to collaboratively work on the data and I developed a system using Unity's Editor Scripting to pull the data from Google Sheets and store it locally. At runtime the local data is dredged up and managed within factories so that it can create and recreate the necessary data classes for UI/combat/overworld.

The designer's data use in MindQuest Using more Editor Scripting, the Game Designers can also set data easily within Unity using custom property drawers so that in-game assets are always referencing the correct data.

Quick, Match Those Plants!
Godot Wild Jam #48
Oct 2021

This project was made in 7 days for Godot Wild Jam #48, with a team consisting of myself and a 3D Modeler. Technologies used were the Godot engine and GDScript. The game is a pattern-matching puzzle game, with a day/night cycle and PS1-themed artstyle.
My contributions to the project are:

  • Gameplay Programming
  • UI Programming/Implementation
  • Audio creation/implementation

A Momentary Meeting
Global Game Jam 2021
Jan 2021

In a team of five programmers and one musician, we created a multiplayer text adventure in response to the theme of "Lost & Found". This uses C# and .NET ASP to run the server backend and allows players to communicate.

My biggest contribution to the game is the feature that allows players to find and speak to each other. The game is room-based and detects when players are in the same room. It will duplicate the instance of the room and give players a chance to send messages. This is an event based system, running server-side.

Play Online Here

I Want to Become Fondue!
Behind The Game Jam 2020
Dec 2020
I Want To Become Fondue Gif

'I Want to Become Fondue!' is a 2D platformer about murder. Working in a team of three, I was responsible for gameplay programming, UI programming and SFX creation/implementation. This was created using Unity and C# in 5 days (part-time).

Global Game Jam 2020
Jan - Feb 2020

A game made in 3 days by five jammers for Global Game Jam 2021. BUD is an auditory experience, where you bring plants to the greenhouse to create a unique song. Each plant corresponds to an instrument, and the type of pot will determine the intensity of the plant's song.
My contributions were:

  • Audio programming using a custom-built tempo/sync manager, to ensure track stems played correctly and in time.
  • Animation programming and implementation
  • Gameplay/camera polish

Rhythm Action Prototype
Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

sidegate is a prototype for a rhythm action game I was pitching to Film Victoria for funding. I made the initial prototype in a week while working at The Arcade, and spent the next two months playtesting, tweaking and adding polish. It was in a state where I was ready to proceed with creating the game full time, but I landed a gig at iRacing so I put it on the backburner.
You can play it here.

Particle System Asset
Nov 2020

Sorry! Please view this on a computer to see the demo, it doesn't run on mobile.

This is an extensive particle system asset for the PICO-8 engine, written in Lua.
Particle creation features:

  • Burst/Continuous emissions
  • Speed/Size/Colour over lifetime
  • Sprite Animation
  • Object Pooling
  • and more
It's open sourced on GitHub, with extensive documentation.

Juicy Brawler
Nov 2020

Sorry! Please view this on a computer to see the demo, it doesn't run on mobile.

MOTH KOTH is a Smash-like brawler where you fight to become the king of the hill. Made as a solo project in PICO-8 and Lua, in about 30 hours. It utilises the particle system I wrote and screen shake to provide juice to a chaotic gameplay experience.
Features I'm proud of are:

  • Button Layout Framework
  • Map Loading System
  • Combat System
  • Game Customisation (rounds, player/CPU amount, AI difficulty)