Variety Showcase
Imagined themes for nonexistent video games
Sep 2019

More on the way, stay tuned :)

2019 Electronic Winner
Oct 2019

In October 2019, I won the national competition music competition, UniSounds, in the Electronic Music Producer category.
You can check out the track, 'Turbulence', I did for the competition on the page here.

Super User
Synthwave/Cyberpunk EP
Jul 2019

A short album I released, focusing on Synthwave and Cyberpunk aesthetics.

Computer Human
debut album
May 2018

Released in May of 2018, this 18-track album follows a narrative about corruption and acceptance.
I followed a lot of different genres and stylings for this album, so there's bound to be something you'll like.

Where's the rest? Surely there's more.

You bet. I have a decent sized selection of other musical works, ranging from site to site. This is merely a taster ;)
You can check out all of my links on my homepage: