Internship at OrderMate
Enterprise Software Development
Dec 2018 - Dec 2019

OrderMate POS Solutions

In December 2018, I began working at OrderMate POS in Port Melbourne as part of my University's Placement program. This was a full-time internship, running for the duration of the year.
I was able to work many facets of the interconnected system they have, including Enterprise Java, Cloud systems, AWS and GUI frameworks.
I was also able to deepen my knowledge of concurrency, design patterns and webservices.

Yes, this very website!

I made this website to show off a bunch of cool stuff I'm doing, and I hope that the website itself can be a part of my portfolio.
All of the content is loaded from a database. This is done through PHP and styled with Bootstrap and Sassy. The different cards have identifiers to keep them separated in tabs/pages, and are sorted automatically by their date.
I'll be continually updating the content and the back-end so make sure to swing by often!

Posh Wash Mobile
Business Website
Sep 2019

This is a website I initially updated in 2017, but redesigned from the ground up in 2019.
The main technology is Bootstrap, and gave some great experience working with a client.