Unity App Programmer
Grasp It
May 2021 - Current website

Working with the team at Augmented Haptics, I'm helping create the presentation and player apps for Grasp It in the Unity Engine.

My responsibilities have included:

  • An Undo/Redo system
  • CI/CD using Game-CI and GitHub Actions
  • Data Serialisation
  • Client/Key Licensing

Capstone Project: Computer Vision
Swinburne University
Mar - Nov 2020

Final year project screenshots

My final year project was for a STEM education tool in development by Augmented Haptics. This was developed over the course of two semesters in 2020, with around 200 hours logged for my own contributions. I've since continued working with them as a Unity programmer (above).

Technologies I worked with:

  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • OpenCV
  • RCNN, Mask-RCNN and YOLO machine learning models
My responsibilities included:
  • Developing appropriate edge-detection and graph-generation techniques
  • Setting up and maintaining continuous integration through GitHub
  • Project management via Trello and Slack
  • End-to-end testing and integration to ensure a complete process for the client

Internship at OrderMate
Enterprise Software Development
Dec 2018 - Dec 2019

OrderMate POS Solutions

In December 2018, I began working at OrderMate POS in Port Melbourne as part of my University's Placement program. This was a full-time internship, running for the duration of a year.

Technologies I worked with:

  • Java Enterprise
  • Spring and Vaadin UI Frameworks
  • REST APIs and Apache ActiveMQ
  • AWS EC2 Testing and Maintenance
This allowed me to deepen my knowledge of concurrency, design patterns and webservices.

Standout Project

The project I spearheaded was an internal tool for monitoring the status of the many sites that used the OrderMate system. This "Health Report" notifies the support team when a site is registered as having a critical error, allowing a pre-emptive fix or quick diagnosis. While developing I had to gather useful statistics from the support team, and write modules that could diagnose these problems. Each terminal will update it's status every minute via an Apache ActiveMQ connection, displayed on a page in a Vaadin application.

Portfolio Website
Dynamic Content Loading

All content on this site is dynamically loaded and displayed from an SQL database, allowing me to rapidly add/edit/delete work without having to worry about styling. It also bypasses the need to clear cookies/cache when adding new content, so I can immediately have the site reflect what I want to show.
Content is sorted by date and displayed as 'cards'. This is built primarily using PHP with styling achieved using Bootstrap.

Posh Wash Mobile
Business Website
Apr 2021 wesbite

A website for a local car washing business. Throughout development I've honed these skills:

  • Working within a client's spec, design philosophy and budget to deliver a product
  • Liaising with third party companies to set up Google Ads and Franchising opportunities
  • Creating a stylish, responsive and modular website using PHP, Bootstrap and Sassy