Internship at OrderMate
Enterprise Software Development
Dec 2018 - Current

OrderMate POS Solutions

In December 2018, I began working at OrderMate POS in Port Melbourne as part of my University's Placement program. This is a full-time internship running for the duration of a year.
The people are wonderful and I've already learnt so much from my time here. Things I've learnt about include concurrency, enterprise systems, cloud frameworks and webservices, design patterns and GUI frameworks.

Yes, this very website!

I made this website to show off a bunch of cool stuff I'm doing, and I hope that it in itself can be a part of my portfolio. All of the card content in the pages (including this one) are loaded from a database. This is done through PHP and styled with Bootstrap and Sassy. I like to tell my friends when I show them the website that everything is dynamically loaded and it makes creating updates really simple, but I'm usually met with uninterested looks when they're not developers themselves. I'll be continually updating the content and the back-end so make sure to swing by often!

Posh Wash Mobile
Business Website
Sep 2019

This is a website I initially updated in 2017, but redesigned from the ground up in 2019.